APP-PROJEKT s.r.o. is a comprehensive design and engineering company with headquarters in Ceské Budejovice /Budweis/ in the Czech Republic. Our permanent staff of about 30 architects and engineers represents a well-educated, skilled and flexible team that provides a full range of design and engineering services according to clients’ requirements. Established in April 1992, as a private firm - limited company, , the company was registered in the Commercial Register under Czech law.

The founders and the partners of APP-PROJEKT s.r.o. were at the time of its establishment six natural persons who had already worked together in the field of the planning of industrial buildings for a long time before the founding of the new company.

All the partners and most of the employees have long-time branch experience, especially in design and engineering of industrial properties. Their experience has been accumulated by projects for the investors coming to the Czech Republic to build their new production plants here. Nearly all services in these projects finished in the previous years have been done by the staff itself .

Professional Qualification for Required Operations:

Seven permanent staff members are authorised to undertake design and engineering activities in conformity with the Czech Law No. 360/1992 Coll., concerning Association of Civil Engineers.

APP-PROJEKT, s.r.o. has specialists in following professions:

Staff, Number of Employees, Technical Equipment

The design and engineering company APP-PROJEKT, s.r.o. has a permanent staff of about 30 employees and a number of inland and foreign partners can be involved in cooperation as well. Thanks to this professional structure APP-PROJEKT, s.r.o is capable of offering the complete design and engineering service in project preparation and construction management.

APP-PROJEKT, s.r.o. has become a well-equipped engineering company, which is able to satisfy a wide spectrum of clients’ requests in set terms, reasonable costs and high quality. The company employees are able to communicate effectively with clients in German and English as well. The company has its own office building with a number of CAD workstations, modern telecommunication tools and other modern office equipment.

Integrated Management System

APP-PROJEKT, s.r.o. has implemented and maintains an integrated Quality Management System and Environmental Management System in conformity with the requirements of CSN EN ISO 9001-2009 and CSN ISO 14001-2005

The company management pursues, as a part of its business activity, the aim of clients’ interests, satisfaction and production quality with respect to concurrent improvement of environmental performance and environmental impact of company activities.


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